Lawyers in Brandon Florida

Attorneys in Brandon Florida, in the heart of Tampa Bay, offer some of the most imaginative law practice you can discover. Legal Representatives in Brandon Florida have made it their service to be one of the most imaginative law firms. It is no surprise that they are able to stay at the forefront of every legal issue, and that they have actually earned a reputation for being the most innovative and up to date in their practices.

Attorneys in Brandon Florida, when compared to other law companies, are well represented in every element of the law. Their commitment to serving the individuals of Florida has resulted in a boost in the number of attorneys in Brandon Florida. You can check it out here for more details about the best attorneys.

In the location of Florida, there are five law firms, in Brandon Florida. These five companies specialize in a variety of different fields, including however not limited to injury cases. Among these law practice, in Brandon Florida, is represented by Jackie Ponceau. She is a skilled attorney who focus on cases related to personal injury, and she has actually been named one of the top attorneys in Florida by the Florida Bar Association.

Another attorney in Brandon Florida is represented by David Cushman. He is a practicing injury lawyer and has actually dealt with some of the more major personal injury cases that have happened in the Tampa Bay area. Some of these cases include cars and truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death cases. He is also experienced with representing medical malpractice, because of the reality that he was a lawyer for an orthopedic surgeon who had just recently been taken legal action against. Discover more about reed and reed attorneys on this page.

The fourth legal representative in Brandon Florida, is Richard Farrow, who is a plaintiff’s attorney. He focuses on cases that deal with concerns connected to property and tort law. He is an expert in a variety of property-related cases, consisting of civil matches for real estate conflicts and land claims.

The 5th attorney in Brandon Florida, is John G. O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien is a practicing lawyer who concentrates on mergers and acquisitions. He is well known for his impressive work, and he has actually been called among the leading legal representatives in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Times. Standard & Poor’s, and the Law Book of the Year. Find out more about lawyers at

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